Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Brings Memories of The Likes Of IKE

It's been hard to watch the coverage of Hurricane Matthew. Yesterday's coverage was especially tough because my two youngest brothers and their families live on the east coast. I purposely did not watch or listen constantly so that I wouldn't start concentrating on the possibilities. I did not want to cancel out the prayers I had prayed by starting to worry. I gave it to God and let it go!

I called my brothers early last night to check on them. They were both fine and reported that they were in a relatively safe area. My prayers were answered, Thank You God!

News reports of Hurricane Matthew immediately reminded me of our own Hurricane Ike in 2008.

I remember sitting in semi-darkness with only a dim lamp glowing softly, the steady drone of the generator reminded me of the devastation just outside the front door and around our property. With no electricity there was very little to do but read or write.

I put pen to paper for the first time in a long while. Computers had become my primary writing tool.Contemplating all that had happened during the storm/hurricane, I began writing...
~ ~ ~
© 2008 by Leona G. Shankle - All Rights Reserved 

Houston Remembers The Likes Of IKE

It was September 12, 2008 that Ike blew through Texas delivering his fate,
like a thief he assaulted that night very late, no longer did anyone have to wait

Ike came ashore on a Friday night about 1:45 or so,
with pounding rain and blasting wind through Galveston he tore.

He pounded gourged and ravaged at the mighty west seawall,
chunk by chunk, stone by stone, he tried to take it all.

Through the tiny little island Ike swirled and churned like mad,
taking trees and homes with equal zeal took everything they had.

From homes on stilts to UTMB not a thing was safe that night
left a mark of mass destruction to remember the likes of Ike.

Ike looked up from pillaging, he saw Houston up ahead,
he started north up 45, “
Ah, Houston looks like sweet bread.”

He raked and ravaged “H-Town” covered every inch of land,
north and south east and west like a hungry angry man.

From large to small and big and tall he treated all alike
left his mark of mass destruction, we’ll remember the likes of Ike.

Before he left he looked around to see if anything still stood,
he spied the Chase Bank building and thought, “Oh
, but this is good.”

He thought over his decision and let the structure stand,
with a flourish and a curtsie he aimed his outer bands.

Barely a whisper later came the sound of breaking glass,
windows pop like bubble wrap and Ike was done at last.

From the south side to downtown Ike ravaged with all his might
left his mark of mass destruction so we’d remember the likes of Ike.

~ ~ ~
© 2008 by Leona G. Shankle - All Rights Reserved 


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  2. Thank you very much, Martin. I really appreciate that nice comment. It's encouraging to have you take time to stop by to read and to leave such positive words.

  3. blessings......
    glad things are well with your family.
    Storms are unpredictable and can be wickedly devastating.

  4. I'm thankful to hear that your loved ones are in a relatively safe area. It is always hard to watch such news and I can only imagine how hard it must be knowing that your loved ones are on the path. But like you said, we need to continue and fully lay things at the Lord feet in faith. Praying your all those affected. BTW, beautiful work on the poem you wrote Leona. Stay blessed!

  5. Thank you Rhapsody. It really is a cause for concern when you have loved ones in an area expecting storms that are unpredictable and totally devastating. I appreciate your visit, love the comment.

  6. Yes, AJ, when I lay things at the Lord's feet in faith HE always comes through. He is such an awesome God, and I am thankful for his many blessings. Thank you for taking time to come by and for reading this. I really appreciate the nice comment.

  7. Wow! This is really a powerful poem about a very powerful hurricane. I'm thankful you've been safe. It's so scary.


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