Friday, June 24, 2016

Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

"Happy as a HOG in Slop" ...

Mama went back to my brother’s last Friday, the 17th. Grandson went on vacation for a week. For the first time since forever, I had nobody to take care of but ME. That felt nice.

Friday night was quiet and uneventful, felt so good it took a minute to adjust to the reality. Jordyn and I had made plans to visit a dear loved-one the next day, so I had pleasant thoughts throughout the quiet peaceful night.

I did not feel like getting up Saturday morning, wanted to sleep the day away. BUT, thoughts of our upcoming visit coaxed me out of bed. Our visit was everything I expected. We spent the time chatting, catching up on what we all were doing and, LAUGHING our heads off.

Whenever the three of us are together, it is a total “laugh-fest”. These two always have me in stitches, laughing until my jaws ache and tears stream down my face. I might as well put my eyeglasses on a nearby table because I have to constantly take them off to wipe the “tears-of-joy” from my eyes.

We make mountains out of molehills, literally. The tiniest of things will set us off on a tangent, building a humongous fantastically funny finale. It is hillaaarrrius!

Since I can’t explain it like it happens, just know, we had a wonderful visit. What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
What was your weekend like? Did you do anything fun? Or was it “business-as-usual”? And, what do you have planned for this weekend? Give us a hint or something. We’d love to hear all about it.  


  1. sounds fun, i love to laugh like that and have many times with my friend Caryn. Today I'm going to the outdoor pool to walk early before the heat starts then off to help a friend with her computer and later to a family history fair. On Sunday it's church time. So it's a busy full weekend despsite the 107 degrees of heat!

  2. Sounds fabulous. I love those fits of laughter with people who make me feel good and warm inside.

  3. Yes, yes, yes, Lin. I love to laugh like that, it feels so good! Those two loves of my life are the ONLY ones I get to do that with. It is refreshing.

  4. Medeia it is fabulous, isn't it? Fits of laughter is a great way to describe it. The warm fuzzy feelings that it brings are icing on the cake. Thanks for taking time to come by to read and for the nice comment.

  5. i love stringing funny upon funny ending in a crescendo of mirth :)

  6. Ummmmm Seeking Serenity ... stringing funny upon funny ending in a crescendo of mirth ...I LOVE the way you put that. Love Love Love it! Thank you for reading and for commenting here.


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