Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bought Wit Is Better Than Told

As a kid growing up, I heard "Bought wit is better than told…" often. I had no idea what it meant. I only know that it was used whenever someone did something they had been warned against doing. 

I can still hear it to this day, "bought wit is better than told." It rings loud and clear whenever my gut says not to do something.

That reminds me of a story I read a while back about a man who was bitten and seriously injured when he tried to kiss a turtle goodbye. Ouch, that hurt! The first thing that came to mind was how stupid that was. Then, I had to remind myself that people kiss their pets all the time.

Just because I’m not a pet kisser doesn’t mean I get to go around judging people who do kiss animals as stupid. So, he wanted to kiss his turtle goodbye…to each his own.

I do know one thing though. He bought himself a fine lesson and, he paid a dear price for the lesson in the process. This is a prime example of that old saying I often heard growing up… “Bought Wit Is Better Than Told.”

When someone is warned against doing something, they rarely get the whole picture. Warnings don’t always work.

On the other hand, if I do something I should not be doing and something bad happens to me. I learn a valuable lesson, the hard way. Thus, the old saying…
“Bought Wit Is Better Than Told”!

Have you ever bought and paid for a valuable life lesson, the HARD way? What was the lesson, if you don’t mind sharing?


  1. This is definitely my son. We could lecture him forever and he wouldn't always pay heed. He had to fall down first before he learned his lessons.

  2. never heard that saying but I think it makes sense? I am quite contrary and like to try just a little to do the thing whatever it is... just a little to see if anything happens but not blow it up LoL!

  3. OH yes. I have learned MANY lessons the hard way and the embarrassing way. Indeed I have. I have spent some years trying to not remember those hardwood lessons and only remember not to repeat the same action . xo


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