Friday, September 18, 2015

Make the Most of the Road You Are Traveling

Life is full of cross-roads, side roads, and back roads. Sometimes the road we are traveling on is as straight as an arrow. Other times, there are detours and those detours we encounter are curvy, bumpy, and narrow. We barely have room to navigate our way through the maze.

Somewhere along everyone’s life’s journey the smooth straight road gets bumpy. Often times, it gets s a little bit rocky and difficult to maneuver. There are other times when the road gets overwhelmingly bumpy, almost impossible to see our way through.

When the roads of our lives get bumpy, we can't be so focused on one goal that all other opportunities in life pass us by.

Life isn't always about taking the road that is less challenging. Many times we cannot even FIND the easy road. Life is about making the most of and enjoying the road you ultimately find yourself traveling on.

What is the road you are traveling right now like? Is it straight, and smooth, or narrow, challenging, and bumpy?


  1. Leona, as you know, our road is very bumpy. But we put our faith in THE Creator of everything. And we bump along. Sometimes I cry. But I read scripture and it comforts me. He comforts me. I hope your mama is doing well. Love that pic! That's making the most. His smile is so big, beautiful and bright. xo

  2. Robyn, you are so right. We put our faith in THE Creator of everything. And we bump along. That is the ONLY way. Thank you for taking time out to stop by and for the lovely comment.

  3. Katie Isabella it's so good to see you. Thanks for coming by to read and for commenting. That little trooper is 5 years old now, and still overcoming the odds.

  4. Amazing and I see his mommy is gorgeous as ever! So's his grammy. The girl came by it naturally. xo Katie is grateful for the good behavior on her ship. :-)

  5. recovering from cataract surgery today and so thankful to be able to see and have modern techniques for this age old surgery for the! A lady next to me in the waiting prep room for surgery said she was 65 and I thought she's just a youngster-I'm 75. Then I couldn't believe that...but I am and still kicking...and blogging.

  6. Hey there, Lin. Glad you came by and let us know how things are with you. I hope you continue to recover nicely from the surgery. Wishing you all the best.

  7. Wow ! You said a mouthful Leona! I love those photos- keep them coming! Children grow up so fast. It's amazing. I don't think my
    road is bumpy in comparison to others but I have to admit that navigating these days is not particularly easy or quick anymore. I keep thinking, "How did I do the 9-7 everyday, do all my work at home and manage to write too ? " I don't know if I could do that again. I
    suppose I could if I had to so let's hope I get my big break here soon! That might get me excited enough to get my energy going on all cylinders like before. I should hope so !
    Good to see something up ! Keep it up !
    Evelyn - The Castle Lady

  8. Right now life is bumpy for me and I'm trying to ease up on myself with the to-do list, which is hard since I'm so driven.

  9. Blessings....
    hmmmm paths...
    sometimes you travel a road so often that you don't recognize the path anymore, you become desensitized and your eyes no longer see the mountains from the tress. If we are not careful we become weary.

    Many roads to travel in life, some we must re-travel, to either relearn, lift someone up or rebuild either way, we must remember the pathway, remember to stop and smell the roses, to smile when we feel like crying and insert a routine that makes the required travel feel like a new path.

    have a blessed week.


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