Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Update: Where Have I Been?!

It’s August already, where in the world did July go?! The past two weeks have been really busy, chaotic would be more like it though. Mama came (my turn to do the care giving) on Tuesday the 22nd and left to go back to my brother’s yesterday, July 31st.

My daughter has done a ‘bang-up’ job of planning and preparing Mama’s meals while she’s in the kitchen cooking up something for herself or for grandson, Jace. When she (my daughter) is done, all I have to do is heat the meal and give it to Mama. WHAT a blessing and a sanity-saver! That means one less thing I have to do as care giver. Thank God for my beautiful caring daughter!!!

Even with food preparation eliminated from the list of things to do, care giving remains quite a task. I still have to administer medicines three times a day, get meals and snacks to her at specific times, help her get a shower, and more.

Thankfully, I have help. What a blessing that is. I don’t know how people manage who don’t have any help at all. I especially don’t know what I would do without help.

Among the blessings and the chaotic goings on, I AM one tired woman…hoping to get some much needed rest starting shortly.

How much do you know about care giving for the elderly? Have you ever had to provide care giving for a loved one? Do you have any suggestions for making the process less complicated? 


  1. Hang in there ! Here's the weekend. I know EXACTLY what you're going through and the best I can tell you is pace yourself. Not only that but just remember that God is in control. He'll help you every step of the way. I didn't think I'd live through the second half of 2012 with everything that happened with my Mom but I did it and I like to think I'm a better person for it. Never hold your breath and always take breaks for yourself.
    Yeah. It's difficult but there are rewards there too.
    Keep that chin up !

  2. there is usually other help like home health available in most communities for free-check it out. Take or rather make time for you too-its not possible to give with an empty well...

  3. Evelyn, thanks for the words of encouragement. That means a lot to me.I'm so glad you had a chance to come by and comment.

  4. Lin, thanks for the reminder about other services. I forgot about those.

  5. Doggone it! I just typed out a long comment and it disappeared. Let me try again.

  6. I'm so sorry for the stresses you're going through Leona. I'm so grateful my mom is doing OK right now. I know the time will come when it won't be so easy though. You're so lucky to have Jordyn there to help.


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