Saturday, June 23, 2012

So, Your Air Conditioner Is Broke …

… “Ms. Dellgirl. And it is going to cost an ‘arm-and-a-leg’ to fix it. I can get your parts in two days and I can have your air running like new in a week. "

 "Gulp!" He lost me at “broke”. I tried to remain calm and ladylike as he tried to gently utter the “arm-and-a-leg” part. My heart skipped a beat or two or three and my pulse almost jumped the track as it raced to catch up  with my run-away mind.

I gulped, hopefully un-noticed, as I gathered my wits about me and replied as calmly as I could. “Okay, son”, since he was about the age of some of my kids.

 “Just write me an estimate of the damages and what it’s going to cost. I’ll get with Mr. PaPa-dellgirl and see what we can come up with. I’ll give you a call as soon as I know what we’re going to do.”

 He had a pained look on his face as he said, “Well now, don’t you worry too much. We can work something out.”

I replied with an equally pained look on my face, “Yea, like which arm and which leg I’ll have to use to pay for this, huh?”

 He chuckled shyly, “Nawww, Ms. dellgirl.” But, I was as serious as a heart attack.

He wished me well as I saw him to the door and he said with much concern that he would wait for my call before he took on any other jobs.

 I had barely closed the door and turned the key in the lock before my alternate personalities popped out like bullets from a Colt-45 pistol. Me, myself, and I … together again…for the first time in a long while.

  •  gonna cost an ‘arm-and-a-leg’!? 
  •  get my parts in two days?! 
  •  have my air running in a week?!?! 
WHAT-tha!? Good Lawd!!!!!

What do you think happened next?

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  1. Did you go out and just buy another unit?

  2. we're waiting to find out...great writing and a hook!

  3. I'm thinking you got a new one. And you are cool as a cucumber even as we speak. Or even as I type this!!!

  4. might cost u less to purchase a new one, unless you have central air.

    hope you get it fixed. I ain't got none so am doing my best imitation of a waterless walrus.

    stay blessed.

  5. Uh-oh! Sorry to hear about your air-conditioning problems. I agree with everyone else – it’ll probably cost you less to just buy a new one instead of having this one repaired. Might I suggest a more modern make? They may be a bit on the expensive side, but what you get for your money is sturdiness, stability, and efficiency. Most modern ACs are built to last much longer, and can cool a room or home quickly. But if you’re thinking about cutting down on energy costs, you might want to consider a ductless air-conditioning unit, or a mini-split type. You can cool specific rooms only when they need to be cooled, without having to cool the rest of the house, which will definitely lessen your energy consumption.

  6. If getting a new air-conditioning system is the more practical choice, then go for it! Just make sure that, this time, the system is well-maintained. You can start by keeping your filters clean. That way, your system won’t have a hard time cooling your room. Moreover, a dirt free air-conditioning unit would prevent air-borne viruses from invading your home. If you find it stressful to clean your AC, there are professionals who can do the task for you.

  7. I have to get a new air conditioner. I just bought a house and the air is broken and not having air conditioning in Warner Robins GA during the summer is unheard of. Every one says I should just get it fixed but I don't know whats wrong with it or how many times this has happened. I just want to get a new high efficiency air conditioner and not have problems for at least a few years. I hope you got a new air conditioner because I don't know how you could stand the heat for to long.

  8. Repairs can definitely restore your AC, but if your unit is old and has undergone a lot of repairs already, then perhaps it’s time to go and purchase a new one. Repairs can be cheaper than purchasing a new one, but the latter option can guarantee you quality service with no untimely inconvenience. Spend your money wisely!

    -Kurt Verdejo

  9. Well, that was an interesting conversation with Mr. Repair Man. A broken air conditioning unit can definitely mess up your mood. Repairing the unit can be an option. But like Kurt said, it would be best to get a new AC if the unit has gone through one repair too many. Buying a new one can save you more than shelving money from frequent repairs.

  10. Aww! An untimely AC inconvenience! Did the repairman said that it would need a week before your AC will be restored? I think you should’ve asked the repairman about the real condition of your AC. Maybe you should also thought of purchasing a new one, especially if the repairman can’t guarantee you that your AC will never go through something similar again.

    -Mignon Her

  11. He may be out of words to describe the damage in your AC unit, that's why he said that it would cost you an arm and leg to fix it. :D He should've just told you the real condition of your AC, so that you wouldn't expect too much from him. Anyway, may I ask what year did you buy your AC? It may be too old, and there may be some broken parts which are not on the market anymore.

  12. So what happened to your AC? Were you able to fix it or was it really beyond repair? Times like this, it would be better to ask for a help of a technician. Not only will he be able to troubleshoot your AC for you, he’ll also be able to tell if your AC still has a chance to get fixed, or if it’s really the time to purchase a new one.

  13. Kurt is right! You’re the one who knows how many times you have had to repair your AC, and if it keeps on breaking down, you better get a replacement. A new one is better than having it fixed over and over again. Yes, you may spend less in repair costs, but if you’re going to sum it up, it’s like you just spent your money in a new one.

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