Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cloud Watching

Photo by dellgirl

Cloud watching is one of my favorite things to do. Every time I go outside, the first thing I do is look up at the sky to see what new and interesting images I might find. Many times there are only beautiful fluffy clouds floating swiftly by. Sometimes I can see images of animals or shapes of different objects. I love cloud watching!

I see a face in these clouds. Do you? Do you ever spend a quiet moment silently watching clouds visualizing various shapes animals or other objects? What do you think when you look up and see amazing cloud formations?

What do you see in this photo?


  1. I see lovely formations, never was good at seeing things but kids sure

  2. I see a big head with two large ears. :-)

  3. I love cloud watching! Yesterday, I went to see the clouds just before dusk and I saw a full moon set against the blue sky between the clouds. It was so interesting that I tried to take a few photos of it. I haven't put them on the computer yet, but I hope at least one came out well.

    When I look at clouds, I typically see lots of faces and profiles of faces and sometimes I see animals, but that's rare.

    In your photo, I see a laughing face with two big round cheeks and a very pronounced nose with one deep set eye and a hole where the other eye should be....tee hee!


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