Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Energy Foods

Been feeling a bit out of it the past few days, so I Googled “foods that give energy”. Surely there should be something natural and healthy I can eat and drink to boost my energy level. I started going to bed earlier last week. That alone is not doing the trick. Bummer!

The “Foods that give energy” Google search brought me the following results. There are tons of great suggestions but, these caught my attention. It says the best green foods to eat for energy are:

Micro-algae (that is) blue-green algae

Sea vegetables (meaning) spirulina and seaweeds

Cereal grasses like; wheat grasses, barley grass, and kamu

Dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli and their juices

Fat lot of good that did! I have never in my life heard of micro- algae or those supposedly edible seaweeds, doesn’t sound very tasty anyway.

I do not eat grass! Even if it gave me enough energy to last a whole day without getting tired, I Do Not EAT GRASS!

Broccoli and spinach are good, I love them both. But, how much does a body have to eat to make a dent in the “tiredness department”? As much as I love them, I don’t think even I could eat them every day. Broccoli juice? I think NOT, same for spinach juice.

So much for that! I guess I’ll start working on my diet, adding healthier energy-giving foods while eliminating some things I know are not providing me any value.

How about you, do you eat micro- algae, cereal grasses, or sea vegetables? What is your favorite energy food(s)?


  1. Blessings....
    When you start endless tiredness one of the first things to do is check your iron levels. Sometimes that is the culprit. The other could be that you maybe lacking in vitamin D, last but not least have a sleep test done to evaluate if you are getting proper sleep, because not all sleep is restful sleep.

    Hope that helps?
    Have a fab today and a fantastic tomorrow.


  2. try exercising, that's sure to help!

  3. Well, I have to tell you that as soon as I read the first two greens I automatically said "Blech!" This is because I've actually tried every suggestion on your list. If blue green algae is the only way to keep energy up and lose weight I'll take my chances with all the rest of the food groups. Cereals I can take but otherwise I would pass on the rest as anything other than a side dish to a plate full of real food. I'm with Lin all the way. Using energy in regular exercise seems to generate more for some reason. I highly recommend it ! You have a wonderful weekend too, Leona !

  4. Try out Bananas! Very good for health and high energy food!!
    Came here from Kavita's blog.
    Have a wonderful Sunday:)

  5. As a matter of fact, I do have a friend who takes blue-green algae pills. I do eat a lot of seaweed when we're in Hawaii. It's a staple of a lot of Japanese cooking. Barley? No. I do like broccoli though. :-) We do the best we can.

  6. That blue green algae will detoxify the body. If taken with a clean diet and exercise for a long period of time. Wheat grass is very healthy for the body, but tastes really bad. I don't know how anybody could drink that stuff everyday.

    I need more energy too! I've been sleeping pretty well this past summer, but I still need a boost. I can't seem to kick it into high gear anymore. I swept out and organized a few things in the garage on Monday and I'm still aching.

    Also, I just saw a recent photo of myself and I'm looking rather plump. I need to drop several pounds and cleanse my system.

    I'm going to get a Smart Cleanse kit (it cleanses the organs and the colon), start eating lots of organic fruits & veggies, drink even more filtered water, get back on the treadmill and lift some weights. Oh yea, and wear my rubber shorts to help me sweat some of this extra fat off my lower regions...tee hee.

    What I really need is an attitude adjustment!


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