Friday, September 18, 2009

Up At the Crack-of-Dawn!

That's 7:00am dellgirl-Texas time; crack-of-dawn somewhere. I grab my trusty old broom and dustpan and, get busy sweeping out trash and debris. Be sure to get behind that chair and under the desk really "good". Make the room sparkle and shine brightly for this glorious new sunshiny day.

A smooth flowing fine-point writing pen is my broom and a pretty new fabric-covered journal is my dustpan. The pen records the jumbled clutter that infests the corners of my sleep-filled mind. The journal, my dustpan, holds the brain-garbage I want to dump.
Ummmm...maybe the journal is a trash can instead of a dustpan.

Okay, okay! So, what is the purpose of these early morning journaling exercises? The purpose is to help me learn some things about myself. What exactly is it I am supposed to learn about myself by journaling at ridiculously early hours of the morning, when I could be sleeping?

Well, I will learn what I like and what I don't like.

I started this so, I will continue with it. It certainly can't hurt, except to cause me to lose some sleep. What about you, do you journal? What do you think of the concept? Does it clear your mind of clutter? Does it help uncover anything you did not know on a conscious level? Does it open you up for greater creativity?


  1. I used to journal religiously but now that I do my blog posting, I haven't touched my journal. I do always keep a journal when I travel though.

  2. Journaling is medicinal for me. I don't journal daily, but I have tons of notebooks all over the place! I have to jot it before I forget it.

  3. A group of friends and I get together once a month (taking turns at each of our homes) and read one journal entry. They don't have to be written long ago...we write them just before the meeting, but they are often experiences we remember from our youth. Vacations, holidays, or just grammar school memories.

    We call it our 'personal history group' and it is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

  4. I kept a journal and wrote in it just about everyday from the time I was 10 until about two years ago. I thought that my life experiences at the time kept me from writing or "discouraged" me. I don't know. Although I still love breaking out a new journal and feeling the empty pages, I don't write like I used to. Maybe blogging has a lot to do with it... that's possible. Or maybe my thoughts are so jumble and so extreme and so many of them that I can't take the time to sit down, sort them out and acknowledge them.

    Hmmm... this is a great post. Thanks.

  5. it's also called morning pages by Julia Cameron in here books and it works. I do it often and teach my students to do it too.

  6. I do write some prayer journals. I keep small notebooks for my kids funny moments too. Fun to look back on. :O)


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