Friday, September 25, 2009

An Unplanned Absence

Last week didn’t go quite the way I’d planned. It wasn’t the kick back and relax, blog hopping comment leaving week I had envisioned. It’s been a see-saw of nerve-tingling chaos and sleep provoking quiet around here. It has also been a gorgeously beautiful week; sunny, with mild temperatures mostly - - a very nice week indeed.

I’ve been on an unplanned break from blogging writing and everything else computer related. It’s good to be back but, the question is, what do I do after this unplanned absence? Update blogs and sites, visit friends’ blogs and chat with them? Write something profound? What? I have no idea.

Let’s hope I am not 50 miles behind like I was last time an unplanned break waylaid me. But then, what can I expect? Okay, I’m behind. I’ll either catch up or I won’t.

I have no desire to “THINK” right now so I might need to continue this break for several more days - - to get my mind back into it. Since I've been offline most of the week, I am starting to feel like I might never get the urge to blog again.

What a nice way to close out the week. I’m really looking forward to a more mellow and peaceful weekend ahead.

Okay, enough moaning and groaning! I have a lot of visiting and catching up to do. Keep the porch light on, I'm coming.



  1. Love the line "keep the porch light on". Great image.

    and, just pick up where you want when you want -- it's the 'catching up' that causes undue stress, imho. And, here's hoping this next week is a bit more relaxing for you.

  2. we'll be here when the dust settles, we all go through days like that now and then. relax and recharge your spiritual well

  3. I have more unplanned breaks from blogging then I care to admit to, but it's not as daunting to drop back in as it always seems at first.

  4. I know just what you mean. Whenever I'm away for a while, I feel a bit overwhelmed about catching up with everyone. I love seeing what everybody is up to but it feels a teeny bit stressful, too.

  5. this happens to many of LIN commented ...relax and recharge your spiritual well.


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