Monday, August 17, 2009

What Are Some Facts About Poetry?

Writing poetry is a wonderful outlet for expressing ideas. Writing poetry is the highest, noblest, art form; and poets are those who can feel what can be beautifully expressed as in poetry, as poems. It involves not just scribbling in a notebook, but also undertaking a way of life, one in which you value being creative and sensitive.

Writing poetry is not always an easy job but, it could be your cup of tea. Writing poetry tips are helpful guidelines, but not the rule of thumb, they're not etched in stone - as a poet you set your own rules. Writing poetry has always been about emotion; thrilling, bitterness and even humorous. It is like jumping off a high dive at the deep end of the pool, exhilarating.

Poetry can be used to convey ideas, information and feelings but, above all, it is a great means of entertainment. Poetry is the poetic, beautiful, expression of the poet's passion - in poetry poets express passions sensibly and beautifully.

Poetry is meant for the ear; listen to the sounds the words make. Poetry in rhyme sounds more pleasing - rhyme adds to its beauty. Why not 'cash in' on that in your poetry. Poetry can be as complicated or as frivolous as possible, it's all up to the author. Poetry is food for thought and for the soul. All food has its ingredients and, so does poetry.

Writing is a passion of mine that brings relief. Writing styles, subject matter and even childhood memories influence a lot of our choices. Writing in "free verse" does not excuse the poet's obligation to please the ear though. Writing, reading and falling in love with poetry are all processes.

Writing has always been a form of self therapy, an expression of emotions too intense to keep inside, an expression of thoughts, feelings, and meanings. Writing about painful subjects is also a great way to deal with that pain, write it out. If it’s too painful to share, keep it for yourself. But, do write it out and feel the healing power of putting those words on paper.

Be yourself when you are writing poetry. Explore your different sides through your poetry let the different facets of your personality take center stage. Be happy writing poetry, this is your time to expand and write whatever comes into your mind. When nothing comes to mind -- start writing, very fast --any word, a phrase or simply a sentence or two that pops into your mind.

Try using writing poetry as an excuse not to do other things. Yes, that’s right, if you’re not already doing so, start writing poetry now. There are still several months left in the year, this is the perfect time to embark on a new adventure, so why not seriously consider writing poetry and sharing it with others this year.

© 2009 by Leona G. Shankle


  1. My daughter is a beautiful just comes naturally to her and I love reading her work.

    Me? not so much. I've tried it and I sorta suck rocks. Ah, well...

  2. I've tried poetry as well. It just doesn't flow well...

  3. I like poetry, going to try writing for greeting card messages-another outlet.

  4. What a glorious post, Leona! I've tried poetry, too. However, I can't seem to get it to sound as I want it. The words just don't dance as I want them to. Perhaps I'll try again someday after reading your post.

  5. Wow--love that end, about doing poetry instead of something else.

  6. This post was poetry for me. Very soothing.

  7. I used to write quite a bit of poetry then the urge subsided. Every once in awhile something will strike my fancy and I'll jot it down. I felt that way when I wrote about the strawberries on my blog.

  8. I remember a time when I wrote a lot of poetry. Seems like my thoughts and feelings come out differently now. It's like a season of words or something. Every once in awhile I'll decide to write a poem and it is/can be difficult. It's a wonderful expression of thoughts, feelings and images.


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