Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Night at The Movies

Several weeks ago as baby son, Mike, and I chatted the television played practically un-noticed in the background. The preview for the movie, "A Haunting in Connecticut" flashed on the screen, and we both turned toward the sound at the same time.

Mike commented, "I'm going to see that when it hits the theaters."

I replied laughingly, "Yeah, that's your kind of movie, huh?"

"You want to go with me?" he asked.

"Sure, sounds good to me," I answered.

"Okay, it opens on the 27th. That's when I'm going. I'll pick you up and we can go from here."

The first few days of the week of march 27th were uneventful and extremely busy as usual. Each day pretty much the same as the preceeding one, work, work, work...go to bed, get, work, work. Friday morning started out the same and I performed the same dull boring work, work, work routine. Siiiigh.

My stomach growled loud enough for the neighbors to hear so I headed for the kitchen to find something good to "feed the hungry beast within." I finished my plate and sat back down at the desk among the piles of paper screaming for my attention. I stuck my tongue out and hissed at them like a rattle snake about to strike.

"Oh wow! Two o'clock already? I'm done, I quit! I'm not doing another ounce of work today," I thought as I glanced at the clock. I quickly stacked the papers in a neat pile and cleared the desk.

I showered and got my clothes together so that when Mike came I'd be ready. I passed the time waiting by checking email (s), playing spider solitaire, visiting blogs, playing free cell, and primping (a little).

Mike called at 5:00 and said he had left work and was on his way but was caught-up in a bit of traffic. Since all I needed to do was hop into my clothes, change shoes, and grab my purse, I decided to wait until he either called again or got here. I continued my "time-passing-shenanigans".

He arrived and we were out the door and on our way by 6:30. At the theater he purchased our tickets. Inside, as we walked toward the concession counter he said, "I'll buy our tickets you can buy our snacks."

"Cool, what do you want? I'm getting a humongous popcorn," I replied.

We discussed the "menu" items and made our choices. We left the counter with two hotdogs fully loaded, a large popcorn, one cold ice tea, two straws, and hands full of napkins. I don't drink much when we're out, causes too many trips to the ladies room so I only take a sip or two of a drink.

We made our way to the theater, found our seats and settled in to wait for the movie to begin. As we waited, I nibbled on at a I wouldn't eat it all before the movie started. Mike declared biting into a hotdog, "Man, I'm hungry. I haven't eaten all day." We had a good laugh about that since he says that often whenever he's around me and his dad.

Once the movie started we watched intently breaking the silence only to whisper about something happening or not happening on the screen. We have a way of picking a movie apart, every inconsistency gets analyzed and ripped to shreds by our watchful eyes.

Throughout the movie we critiqued back and forth. I munched on popcorn, Mike feasted on his hotdog and popcorn, and we both sipped from the cool ice tea using our separate straws. Taking note of the speed with which he devoured his hotdog, I let him have the second one since I had eaten already. And, I knew from experience what a voracious appetite he has, though you wouldn't know it to look at him. He's skinny as a rail (he runs several miles, and works-out everyday).

What a great way to spend a Friday night! Out with baby son, Mike, watching a good movie, enjoying each others' company. The movie was pretty good.


  1. sounds like a fun evening...

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Romantic? No, no, no...Not romantic...frugal is more what we aim for. Things are so expensive at the movies this helps cut costs.

    Mike is my son. My daughter, Jordyn and I do the same at the movies.

  4. Oh my, this sounds like heaven! I love Mike just reading this. What a great guy! You're very lucky to have a son like him.


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