Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jordyn!

Happy Birthday Sweet Jordyn!

On this day somewhere back in time
God smiled on me and Papa Shank.
He said, "I'm sending you some sunshine,
a whole lot of joy, and a treasure beyond compare!
Take care of her, love her, and above all
enjoy her. But, remember she is mine."
With that in mind we welcomed
the world's #1 daughter, our one and only -

I love you, my little 'chic-a-dee'.


  1. What a beautiful girls she is!!!!

    Happy Birthday Jordyn!!!!

    How many candles on her cake?

  2. Such a beautiful poem for a truly beautiful girl. I can see where she gets her beauty from.

  3. lovely daughter, how fun you live close enough to visit and do things together...

  4. Man, if she's one third as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside, you have raised yourself an angel!

    Keep her close and continue soaking up the rays your sunshine girl showers on you.

    Life is sweet indeed with a little girl... and the sweetness becomes more savory with each passing year.

    I know EVERYONE hated "Mama Mia" (the movie) with the exception of me and my precious daughter and possibly one or two raving lunatics crawling the streets... but, listen to the song, "Slipping Through Your Fingers" someday. It's a tender excursion into the feelings experienced watching your
    little girl grow into womanhood. It makes me sob...but not with sadness.

    Happy Birthday to Jordyn! (I have three GORGEOUS, kind, smart, witty single son's if I could interest her in any of them...)


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