Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"REELTALK" The Event

If this is Wednesday, we must have had a Tuesday. Where did it go? There weren't that many things on the agenda, but somehow it flew right by. I remember returning the rental car mid-day yesterday and cooking dinner late but, the rest is a blurrrr. This morning I went to Bible class and here it is already 5 pm. Oh well.

The "REELTALK" event was absolutely wonderful Monday night. Jordyn's students did an amazing job putting it together, she should be very proud of them. I'm proud of her for presenting this opportunity to the students and of them for part in making it work.
It was an huge success. There were people standing along walls, extra seats being added, and others had to be turned away because the 200-seat theatre was filled to capacity.

We were treated to 3 films of kA'RAMUU KUSH, Love Aquarium, K(no)w De:Tales, & Dear Me; listened to original poetry, written and presented by the authors; and participated in the one-on-one interview of kA'RAMUU by Jordyn and one of her students, Eugene Blackwell. This was followed by a networking reception where the audience met and talked with kA'RAMUU in person.

The only words for it are...

It was truly awesome!!!


  1. how creative and wonderful for the students...

  2. Sounds like a mighty fine activity to me.

  3. Sounds like a mighty fine activity to me.

  4. That's so wonderful! I am proud with you.


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