Monday, October 20, 2008

5-Generations of First Daughters

This photo is one of the last I have of my great-grandmother, Lin. Thanks to your encouragement I plan to write the history for (and behind) it. The pic is for your observation in reference to your post with questions about family history. I will remove the pic shortly and possibly replace it after I finish writing about it.

Thanks again for the inspiration to get started on writing the family history. It is slow going, but it is going.


  1. wow, I'm thrilled to have help you start writing more of your family history. My husband's from texas and called his grandmother Big Momma also.

  2. Oh! I can't wait... Do we get to share in the fruits of your research? I love hearing people's family histories.

  3. Gracious! What a wonderful photo! I'm glad I checked in before you removed it.


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