Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Another Email

I suppose I could (I have a ton of them) but I won't. Not today anyway. Since I have a site specifically for email, put them there and let it go at that.

I haven't been around for a couple of days because I've been otherwise occupied with 'life'; so many things to do like messes to clean up, grocery shopping, cooking, research, household chores, and on and on and on.

Everybody is out for a while and I dare to steal a minute to say hello to my friends. I've missed my daily dose of blogging a lot. More than that, I miss visiting and reading about your antics and updates. (tee-he-he-he) Antics? Yes, antics. Some of you do have a way with words and situations, go ahead, admit it - you know you do. I love every word, phrase and sentence of it too!

Baby son got his power back Thursday evening. Yaaaaa! Remember I told you he has this 'magical' thing he does with music? I thought about his talent for that and asked if he could set my hurricane Ike poem to music. He agreed and recorded me reading the poem on Saturday. He calls that 'laying the tracks'. Ummm...who knew.

My part was done so he brought me back home. That was a blast, so much fun to do!
Sunday he brought the finished cd over for me to hear. Man! What he made me do with my voice, I could hardly believe it was me! As the poem got to flowing I jumped and bounced around the kitchen grinning and giggling like a kid with a new toy. Yea, yea, yea, I like that! I like that!

He had set the poem to the sounds of (drum roll please...ta-dummmmm) rolling waves, threatening wind and weather. Oh yes! What a wonderful feeling - my poem, in my own words accompanied by sounds.

Thanks to my 'num-two-son', Mike. You'll never know how good that makes me feel, son. I love you.


  1. okay, now you need to upload it to u-tube and then put it on your blog. we want to hear it....

  2. I second Lin's motion. I want to hear it!!!


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