Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

July 25, 2008
Happy birthday Daddy, Happy birthday to you. Today you would be . . .what? How could that be when I'm so old? I miss your smile and your funny odd sense of humor. I miss the way you always wore your hats cocked on the side of your head, your starched and ironed kakhis and your spit-shined shoes.

I miss so much now that you're gone. There wasn't enough time for you to see how I turned out. I wish you could see the kids. You would be so proud of them. All three are wonderful young adults, smart and productive, they have your brains, every one of them.

Not to worry, Daddy, your legacy lives on and I'm passing it on to the kids. We live it to the fullest - every day, at every opportunity . . .

We live and love,
we sing and dance
and, we embrace every hour.

Happy Birthday Daddy!
July 25, 2008
~ ~ ~


  1. That's very very beautiful.

    Greetings to you from Jerusalem.

  2. would love to see a photo of your daddy when he was older to compare to the younger one. i bet he wasn't born in 19918....i'm sure your dad watches over your family and knows of your children's accomplishments-they are his grandkids. we will see them again.

  3. dina, thanks for the kind words. I will visit you soon.

    Lin, Lin, Lin! You funny lady you! Bet you could hear me laughing over where you are from here. The "born in 19918" really had me in stitches, for real (once I realized what had happened) Thanks for my laugh for the weekend!

    All my pics of (older)Daddy are packed away in storage. It's a long story. I wish I could get to them, maybe one day soon.

  4. i was wondering if there would be a blog in celebration of his birthday...and here it is! surprised its not longer :~)

    and you know what? papa did change much over the years. for some reason looking at his younger pics is like looking at him older. he really was a young looking man...all the way until the day he left us.

  5. i meant to say he did NOT change much over the years.

  6. This is so very beautiful. Your dad would be so proud of you and his grandchildren. Your dad sounds like he was a very dapper, loving, fun and wise fellow.


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