Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Book - At the Starting Gate

My book, At the Starting Gate, is a collection of my works, from poetry to short stories. They range from light-hearted and funny to serious and inspirational. Some are true with a twist from my sometimes overactive creative inner artist. Others are a complete and utter fabrication of my hyper-vivid imagination. My book also includes some of my original poetry and short stories, the works are varied.

After years of postponing any hopes and dreams of becoming a writer, a gentle prodding nudge from my daughter rekindled the fire within – to write. The fact that the book is finished and published is evidence that it is never too late to realize your dream. At the Starting Gate quietly whispers – “there is no better time to start (name your dream) than now.

It is never too late to start, and now I am . . .
At the Starting Gate
© 2008 by Leona G. Shankle - All Rights Reserved ▪ Dell Girl Publishing


  1. congrats for going for your dream. i teach a group of women in my neighborhood and we are going to publish a book of free verse and poems this fall. we meet monthly and have lessons from writing the natural way by gabriele rico. a fascinating book on clustering and right/left brain approaches. thanks for getting me on your newsletter.

  2. You're welcome on the newsletter. I really appreciate your patience in trying to get it.

    I love the project you're working on - working with a group to write a book. Sounds interesting and fun.


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