Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blogging for Bullets

Okay, today has been devoted to projects other than blogging, computers, and websites. Num-2 son and I are preparing for a fishing trip tomorrow a.m. I haven't been since they were little kids. We thought it would be something fun and different to do.
First thing today we:
  • Shopped for fishing equipment: hooks, floats, bait, etc.
  • Purchased fishing license(s)
  • Got pertinent information on rules and bylaws for fishing
  • Returned home to collect other necessities: cooler, tackle box, rods, ets.
  • Assembled everything together in one central location

We're all set, ready to go! Wish us luck.

PS - The "bullets" are working fine today, like nothing ever happened. Just had me making a fool of myself complaining about them. LOL


  1. Have a wonderful time fishing with your son and let us know how big your fish was. Take lots of photos.

  2. at least you motivated some of us to try bullets. have fun fishing, i haven't been since my sons were little and they are middle aged now...sounds fun.

  3. Thanks "musings and lin" for the good wishes on the fishing. The only negative is getting up so early, I'm sometimes just getting to sleep about that time. This son is no little kid any more - he's way grownup. LOL


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