Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Looking back over the day I don't see that I accomplished a lot, what with checking on and monitoring all the different sites. It's one thing to start these things, it is another thing altogether to keep them up and to keep them up to date.

Oh! Yes I do see what I did. I wrote this week's newsletter for my website today, even if I did wait until almost too late. It is ready and waiting for proofreading by my daughter then I'll post it to the site http://www.dellgirlpublishing.com/. I hope lots and lots of people get a chance to read it this week and let me know what they think.

That was a semi-major accomplishment since I started with only a working title, two sub-titles, and a few accompanying details.

That said, I'm done for the day. It's been a good one. Tomorrow is Bible Class so I have to get up earlier than usual.


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  1. I know just what you mean. I have a Flickr photo site that I maintain also and I have to work to keep it going. It's hard for me to think of things to write about for my blog...especially with my granddaugther running around and wanting to climb on my lap when I'm typing. I'm afraid she has to come first. :-)


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